My Starlight

Energy Therapist & Intuitive Tarot Reader

These sessions involve a full subtle-body scan and re-alignment of life-force energy (known as Chi in Chinese and Prana in Sanskrit) stored in the chakras (energy centers) to support an energetic reset or rebalancing of the auric field. The body is restored to balance, correcting trauma stored deep inside the tissues and in the aura energetically, and the soul is realigned with the body vibrationally. Energy is balanced by combining therapeutic techniques to provide healing at the cellular DNA level, in order to facilitate the removal of pain, trauma, and karmic damage. Dead energy is cleared, resulting in a higher vibrational frequency of the auric field. This intensive type of healing works on the physical and non-physical levels, to facilitate full mind, body, heart, and soul healing, activating the body's full potential, improving mood, increasing productivity, and relieving spiritual symptoms of anxiety/depression.

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This session uses a regression technique of energy therapy to access past lives and current-lifetime traumas (such as childhood traumas). Karmic patterns/lessons can be uncovered in the regression - once a pattern is understood and addressed, it is less likely to be repeated, which shifts the individual's vibrational frequency and point of attraction, aligning them to better opportunities. Shamanic soul retrieval regressions allows the client to recall and heal parts of their soul that experienced damage and fragmentation from childhood, intergenerational trauma, or a past timeline.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Subconscious Mind Repatterning
(In-Person, Skype/Facetime)

These sessions provide clients with the necessary tools for reprogramming unproductive patterns in the subconscious mind, and developing effective  interpersonal communication abilities. Given the premise that only 8% of communication is verbal (word-related), and 92% is non-verbal (tone, frequency, pitch, intention, etc), effective communication is an important skill to master.

Neuro - The physical components (as well as the mental and emotional components) of our neurology.

Linguistic - Linguistics pertain to the language that you use, specifically, how you communicate with others and more importantly, how you communicate with yourself.

Programming - Perceiving your mind as your internal operating system, programming is the way that past experiences, thoughts, and emotions affect all areas of life.

Energy Therapy
Quantum Energy Balancing &
Karmic Energy Cleansing
(In-Person, Skype/Facetime, Phone)
Inner Child, Intergenerational Trauma,
& Past Life Healing
Karmic Energy Cleansing

Tarot card readings provide extensive insight into the past, present, and future dominant timelines/energies of the querent to gain a deeper level of awareness, in order to achieve desired positive outcomes. Readings are a form of spiritual counseling and require the querent's openness to exploring their conscious and subconscious mind. Readings can be general or specific, based on querent's preference, so preparation of questions in advance is recommended.



  1. Love - Relationship, Soulmate, Twin Flame

  2. Work - Career, Business

  3. Life Purpose

  4. Past Life/Akashic Lessons

  5. General Mental/Physical/Emotional State

  6. Spiritual Awakening

  7. Intentions

Spiritual Mentorship sessions provide guidance for those who are going through a spiritual awakening and are seeking to increase their metaphysical knowledge and expand their gifts. Mention topic(s) of interest in the note section of the booking.

Sample Topics:

1. Manifestation & Materialisation (Law of Attraction)

2. Development of Intuitive Gifts & Abilities

3. Divination - Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

4. Crystals & Grids

5. Astrology Basics

6. Ancestral Work

7. Rootwork & Herbology

8. Bioenergetics/Energy Basics

Tarot Reading & Energy Therapy Combo
Deep Karmic Trauma Spiritual Counseling & Energy Cleansing (Intensive)
(In-Person, Skype/Facetime)

Shadow Work readings provide insight into deep core wounds of the subconscious mind (repressed or disowned), which block individuals from manifesting their highest future timelines. Karmic patterns/lessons can be uncovered during this session. Once a pattern is understood and addressed, it is less-likely to be repeated, which shifts the individual's vibrational frequency and point of attraction, aligning them to better opportunities. This session provides excellent tools for self-awareness and introspection. A deep energy healing session completes the reading to clear mental, physical, and emotional blocks.

Ideal for spiritually-rooted psychosomatic issues such as:

  • Intergenerational Trauma

  • Anxiety & chronic stress

  • Chronic pain

  • Depression

  • Grief and loss

  • Performance anxiety

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Addiction

Tarot Card Reading
     (In-Person, Skype/Facetime, Phone)
30 minutes or 1 hour with Energy Therapy session
Spiritual Mentorship Class
(In-Person, Skype/Facetime)
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About Anya

Anya is a shamanic practitioner, quantum energy healer, spiritual counselor, and metaphysicist. Anya works with clients to resolve issues from both a scientific and spiritual perspective: she was born with her extrasensory abilities, and has extensively reinforced her gifts with a lifetime of study. She has a scientific background in Medical Biology (with a focus in Physiology), and Master's of Public Health (MPH). She is a certified practitioner in many therapeutic modalities, and has a thorough understanding of quantum principles, metaphysics, bioenergetics, neuroscience, epigenetics, Tarot, Astrology, Botanica (plant-medicine), and all things esoteric and scientific. Anya is a true Aquarius, and fully embodies the qualities of the sign. She walks the shamanic path, with one foot in each world - the physical, and the spiritual.

My Starlight is a transformational practice which aims to bring the client a deeper level of self-awareness by exploring the patterns in the conscious and subconscious mind. Anya's goal is to to elevate the client's level of consciousness and support their individual spiritual journey by assisting them in shifting their vibrational frequency to remove subconscious energetic mental/emotional blocks and facilitate the creation of their best possible future timeline. Her readings and energy sessions are meant to help clients gain deeper awareness of their current situations in order to rewire the mind/body system to more productive habits and behaviors to help them achieve their highest potential. She performs her readings in a compassionate, honest, and solution-oriented manner, only confirming what one already knows inside their heart/soul, bringing forward messages of love, hope, healing, and awakening.

About My Starlight
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