My Philosophy

The value of my work is awareness. Awareness is powerful -- it changes the outcomes. 


My goal is to assist you in gaining a deeper level of awareness, in order to raise your vibrational frequency to create your highest and best possible future timeline, and to help you shed light on your journey along your spiritual path. I bring forward messages of love, hope, and healing, as well as self-awareness. I ask that you please examine your intentions for working with me, ensure your understanding of energy readings/bioenergetic systems prior to our session, and read my guidelines below so that I can best assist you:​​

I am a shamanic practitioner & quantum healer. I was born with my intuitive abilities, and serve as a channel to mediate information which flows through me. I only give you what is shown to me, without any personal judgments. All quantum information is stored in the ether, in the Akashic Records. My readings are guided intuitively by connecting to your energy via the etheric plane.


I understand quantum principles. I am a life-long student of quantum physics and metaphysics. In the quantum field of potentials, there are many future timelines available to you. I explore your dominant timeline (most likely outcome), and alternative timelines as well. Please keep in mind that I perform energy readings, meaning that energy (and timelines) can change as we are multi-dimensional beings with FREE WILL. Nothing is written in stone: future outcomes can change with your commitment/decision to change them according to the Law of Attraction based on your energetic patterns. Take what resonates, and change what needs to change. You are more powerful than you may think. I am a solution-oriented reader - I am not here to instill fear for your future. I am here to help you co-create. I am here to empower you.

I require your self-awareness, openness, and respect of my work. My readings are performed in a dialogue format. I am 100% direct with you, without sugarcoating or manipulating the reading in order to satisfy expectations. That being said, my readings are delivered in a compassionate and honest manner. Please keep in mind that the outcomes are purely within your control. The cards are my tools -- I don't need them, but they are my preferred modality of divination/channeling. I can only give you what my Higher Self/Spirit communicates, no more and no less. It is what it is. At times, it may be tough to accept what comes through due to defense mechanisms such as cognitive dissonance, but if you set up realistic expectations, the information will help you grow and develop a better understanding of your current situation, so that you can create your desired future. Again, please examine your intentions for working with me prior to our session. I am here to assist you in gaining further self-awareness.

I am an ethical energy practitioner. Please understand that energy work techniques are meant to be used in conjunction with your standard medical care and do not take the place of it. Energy practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have. The human body has an extraordinary intelligence and ability to heal itself, and to do so, combined therapeutic modalities are often recommended. I am an ethical reader. I will not read cards on the following topics in which I am not licensed: medical specifics, legal matters, lottery/gambling, or anything else I may feel to be out of integrity.

I keep my prices affordable. I am a light-worker; thus, my prices are lower than those of others in my field because the services are made available to those who need them most. I work VERY HARD to ensure the affordability of my healing services. If my services have been particularly helpful to you, I accept donations & tips (CashApp: $mystarlight or Venmo: @MyStarlight). If you are financially disadvantaged, please contact me, and we will figure out a fair exchange.

I’m truly honored to be able to walk the path I have been called to as a healer. To my clients, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support. I am very grateful.

What is Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy is an umbrella-term of complementary and alternative medicine techniques, involving the flow of vital energy (Chi), and use of various types of energy fields/frequencies, with the goal of balancing a patient's energy body. There are many types of energy therapies, some which utilize light, sound, magnets, and crystals in treatments. Other types of energy therapies, such as Therapeutic Touch, Acupuncture, Yoga, Reiki, Qigong, etc. are intended to affect energy fields that surround and penetrate the human body. New instruments, such as the superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID), are showing promise for research with energy therapy. Many of the techniques used in energy therapy come from practices in shamanistic Native American and Asian traditions with thousands of years of use. Shamanic healers believe that the flow and balance of life energies are important in maintaining health, and that illnesses originated from energy imbalances; thus, they developed therapies and practices to correct these imbalances.

Scientific Literature on Energy Medicine

Subtle Energy Body (Quantum Field)


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